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abro tribe

The Abro, Abra, Abrah (Urdu: ابڑو ) is a Samma tribe, found in Balochistan, Sindh and southern Punjab provinces of Pakistan.

The majority of the tribe live in all of the districts of Sindh; and in Balochistan Sibi, Nasirabad, Jaffarabad, kachhi/Bolan District, Khuzdar, Lasbela and Mastung districts.


  • According to some traditions, are they are descendants of Sam (Shem), the eldest of the three surviving sons of the prophet Nuh (Noah). descendants of Sam, the son of Umar, son of Hashim, son of Abu Lahab, an uncle of the Islamic prophet Muhammad (SAW).

[edit] Tribal Chiefs

The Chief of the Abro tribe was " Sardar Mungar Khan" of (Mungar) Bhag Nari, kachhi Balochistan. Sardar Ibrahim Khan Shaheed, and Sardar Haider Khan Mungrani were the most prominent among the Tribal Chief.

ابڙو وڏوڙو سوڙو' سمو' سونهن سڀن

تنهن در سڀ اچن كنڌ نه كڍي كڇ ڙڻي

(شاھ عبدالطيف ڀٽائيِ )

Chief Of Abro Tribe:

  • Sardar Musa Khan Mungrani (Mungar, Bhag Nari, kachhi, Balochistan)
  • Sardar Amanullah Khan Mungrani (Garhi Yaseen, Shikarpur)


[edit] Clans

The major sub-tribes are:

  • Sarki or Sirki سركي
  • Mungrani منگراني
  • Bhayo بهيو
  • Bhootani بهو تاني
  • Halepota هاليپو ته
  • Jakhro جكهرو
  • Kakepota كاكيپو ته
  • Pechoho پيچوهو
  • Unar انڑ
  • Koreja كوريجو
  • Sameja سميجو
  • Kamario كماريو
  • Sadhayo سدهايو
  • Jeha جيها
  • Rahuja راهوجه
  • Khuhro كهوڑو
  • Khakhraniکھکھرانی
  • Miraniميرانی
  • Thebo تھيبو
  • Marfani معرفاني
  • Masore مسور
  • Gadore گدور
  • Korar كورار
  • Ghotio گهوٹيو
  • Nindani ننداني
  • Agham اگهم
  • Kehar كيهر
  • Junejo جونیجو
  • Sario سيريو
  • Phulpoto
  • Markhiani
  • Kodnani
  • Shairani
  • Kirio
  • Detho


[edit] History

[edit] Samma Rule

The period of Samma rule in Sindh is considered a period of literary and cultural heights. Two centuries later, the famous Sufi poet Shah Latif was still singing their praises in `Sur Bilawal': ``When Alauddin came astride his furious elephants, Jam Abro tied his shield and the whole field shone with sabres. The Samma came to the rescue of damsels in distress - and then all was well.

In the ancient Abro tradition, Saam (protection) was in vogue. The following contemporary evidence exists. Abro, the protector of Soomra womenfolk in Dastan Dodo-. Chanesar, says:

Sultan Alaudin marched with a huge force,

None could dare to face him, who would bear his strokes?
To save Soomra womens' honour, saddled his camel brave Abro.

To redress and protect the helpless ones, he rose,
No tax would be paid by those, who his guidance chose.

Others gave up their proteges but not the mountain king,
Protector of strangers, how could he give up those known to him?
This brave leader saved many a supplicants, who came to his door.

Abro is the greatest refuge of all supplicants,
He gave up all rest, to attend to the call of complainants,
He is the care-taker of the suppressed, and the weak.

Abro amidst all other leaders, a forest's shady tree resembles,
The plains where this skilled one went, none before traversed.
Compassionate and generous Abro, is the best of all leaders,
Many come to him, this king of Katch avoids them not.

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beacon house school system

beaconhouse owns school companies and educational institutes around the world. Some of these are profiled below.

Headquartered in London, Beaconhouse Educational Services Limited, or BESL, was set up by Beaconhouse as a school management company. It also serves as a holding company for some Beaconhouse schools in other countries. BESL owns and operates the following schools in the UK:

Cherub Nurseries and Preschools

Based in Yorkshire, England, Cherub is a group of three nurseries and preschools within half an hours drive of each other. The Cherub group was established in 1976. It hasbrought in a number of innovations, including being one of the first nursery groups in Yorkshire to implement a web-camera, enabling parents to view their children over the internet.

Pocklington Montessori School

Pocklington Montessori School is also based in Yorkshire, close to York. It is one of the largest and most well resourced Montessori schools in the UK, featuring a skateboard park, herb and vegetable gardens for children, and a large, purpose-built school on three acres.

In an Ofsted report, the inspector wrote ‘I would place Pocklington Montessori School in the top four schools which I have inspected over the last 23 years… you have brought Montessori into the 21st century.’

BESL is on its way to acquiring further preschools, primary and secondary schools, and boarding schools across the UK and Europe. BESL also serves as a holding company for most Beaconhouse schools in Asia and the Middle East.


Beaconhouse Malaysia Sdn Bhd was established in 2004 to operate schools in Malaysia.

Last year, Beaconhouse acquired two more schools in Malaysia, bringing the total to eight, all of them in or around Kuala Lumpur. Of these, seven are pre-schools and one, Sekolah Sri Inai, is a primary and secondary school. Sekolah Sri Inai is a major acquisition., built on 2.5 acres of prime property 15 minutes from downtown Kuala Lumpur. Beaconhouse Sri Inai has undergone a process of modernisation that includes an upgrading of facilities and infrastructure.

Beaconhouse Malaysia is now in the process of establishing and acquiring further schools across the country.


In late 2005, Beaconhouse acquired Dame Theresiana de Montealegre School, a private school based in Manila, Philippines, that offers English-medium education to over 200 students in an upper-middle income suburb of the city. Apart from a sizable enrolment from within the local population, Theresiana also benefits from Korean students whose families send them to Manila to learn English and Mandarin.

Beaconhouse has acquired a second school, St Paul Learning Centre, in Cebu City, the second largest city in the Philippines. The school has been improved to meet the demands of a steadily increasing enrolment.


Beaconhouse also acquired its first school in Thailand. St George’s International School is a purpose-built school catering to the expatriate community in Bangkok. Built on a three-acre site close to the new Bangkok airport, St George’s caters to children aged 2 to 11, with plans to go up to senior school.


The first branch of Beaconhouse in Bangladesh commenced its first academic year in August 2006 and recently relocated from Gulshan to Banani, another prestigious neighbourhood in Dhaka. Beaconhouse expects its growth strategy in Bangladesh to be driven largely by start-up schools, and is already in the process of establishing a second branch in another part of the capital. It also plans to establish schools in Chittagong, the second-largest city of Bangladesh.


Beaconhouse established its first school in Muscat, Oman, in September 2006. This school has been established through Al-Kanz Education, a joint venture between Beaconhouse UK (which owns majority shares) and a local Omani group.

Beaconhouse is exploring opportunities in Bahrain, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia.

The Educators Schools

Established in 2002 in Pakistan, The Educators is a parallel private school network managed by Beaconhouse. It imparts a standardised quality of education across the nation at a tuition fee that is less than half that of Beaconhouse. The Educators operates on a franchise model in which Beaconhouse is the franchisor.

247 Educators schools are functional throughout the country, educating over 85,000 students from Nursery to Matriculation, with capacity for more. In a short span of five years, The Educators has created over 6,000 new job opportunities.

The Educators network consists of pre-schools, primary and secondary schools, and intermediate colleges. A notable alumnus from The Educators Schools, Pakistan, include Humaira Riaz.

TNS Beaconhouse

TNS Beaconhouse is the latest learning venture from Beaconhouse. It was launched after several years of research on how children learn (and why they often do not learn), culminating in ‘Towards 2035: The School of Tomorrow,’ an international education conference organised by Beaconhouse in late 2005 which featured radical thinkers like Noam Chomsky and Roger Schank. The ‘School of Tomorrow’ conference laid the groundwork for the establishment of TNS Beaconhouse in September 2007.

TNS Beaconhouse is based in Lahore only and caters to children from Nursery to Grade 5, with plans to launch middle school in September 2009. The group plans to extend TNS to locations across Asia and Europe.

The Discovery Centre SmartSchool

The Discovery Centre was established in Karachi in January 2002 with the aim of engaging students in science, math and humanities subjects through the creative use of emerging technologies like robotics, digital filmmaking, and the Internet. Offering only short courses and workshops initially, the Discovery Centre launched its SmartSchool three years later, targeting children from Nursery to Class 6 in a full-time school environment.

The Discovery Centre also offers workshops to students of other schools during the summer vacations, as well as through institutional partnerships with schools during the academic year.

Beaconhouse National University

The group has contributed over 6 million US dollars as seed money for the establishment of the not-for-profit Beaconhouse National University. While Beaconhouse is the original sponsor of the university, other stakeholders from the public and private sectors have also contributed.

Beaconhouse National University (BNU) was set up in September 2003. Based in Lahore, BNU is Pakistan’s first liberal arts university with faculties ranging from Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, Media and Communications, and Education, to Architecture and Design, Visual Arts, and Information and Computer Technologies. It has an international faculty that has come from England, Holland, Canada, France, Germany and other countries, apart from some of Pakistan’s academics and intellectuals.

The University’s Vice Chancellor, Sartaj Aziz, is the former Finance Minister of Pakistan, while its Board of Governors counts amongst its members Nasreen Mahmud Kasuri (chairperson of Beaconhouse), Parvez Hassan (corporate lawyer and social activist), Shahid Kardar (economist and former Finance Minister), Hussain Dawood (industrialist), and others who have associated themselves because of its non-profit status. Beaconhouse National University was awarded a charter by the Government of Punjab in July 2005, giving it degree awarding status.

Based at a temporary facility in the city, the University has a permanent campus under construction on a 35-acre estate on the outskirts of Lahore, designed by architect Nayyar Ali Dada. The University expects to start its move to the new campus by September 2009.

Now in its fifth academic year, BNU has courses in the liberal arts, fine arts, textile and jewellery design, and architecture.

Beyond education

The group is involved in a number of activities that extend well beyond education.

Beacon Energy Limited

Beacon Energy Limited is the group’s power generation company that has leveraged on the Government of Pakistan’s alternate energy policy. It will be the first publicly listed company from the Beaconhouse Group.

BEL is setting up a 50 megawatt wind farm in the district of Thatta, which is in the Sindh province of Pakistan, at a cost in excess of 125 million dollars. Electricity will be sold to the Central Power Purchasing Agent (CPPA) at the National Transmission and Distribution Company (NTDC).

The project benefits from a sovereign guarantee for the purchase of power from the government.

Beaconhouse Estates

Beaconhouse Estates was established in 2002 to provide affordable housing for the employees of the Beaconhouse Group. Employees were offered the opportunity of purchasing plots of land at rates below market price. Beaconhouse Estates comprises over 1,000 residential plots of 250 and 500 square yards, along with other public amenities like parks, playgrounds, and shopping complexes.

Premier Trading Services (Pvt) Ltd

Premier Trading Services was established in 1995 and is the commercial wing of the group. PTS comprises Premier Trading and Premier Bus Service.

Premier Trading is engaged in hire-purchase services, printing and distribution of books and stationery, production of school uniforms, and design and production of ‘skins’ for outdoor publicity.

Premier Bus Service, now a major division of Premier Trading, was started in 2003. It provides premium transportation services to the general public of Lahore and, with over 240 buses, is the second largest urban transportation provider in Pakistan.

Earthquake Aid

After the October 2005 earthquake that devastated the northern areas of Pakistan, Beaconhouse donated Rs. 10,000,000 to the President’s Earthquake Relief Fund, of which Rs. 3,000,000 was raised through the contribution of one day’s salary by Beaconhouse staff. By mobilising its staff and students to organise school-based activities throughout the country, it raised a further Rs. 30,000,000 for the reconstruction of a government school in Chinari, a village that was very badly hit by the earthquake.

The construction was completed by Beaconhouse who handed over the Chinari Boys’ High School to the Education Department of the Govt. of Azad Jammu & Kashmir in May 2008.

Other community initiatives

Some initiatives include supporting NGO and government schools in teacher training and capacity building initiatives, as well as the donation of computers, furniture, books, and other equipment to schools for underprivileged children. Senior students from Beaconhouse are also encouraged to participate in local community service programmes

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